General Info

The best (and only) indoor shuffleboard bar in Florida.

Available for private large parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar mitzvahs, bachelorette parties, and quarterly award presentations for salesman of the year. Court play is primarily walk-in but courts can be reserved for a serious up-charge. Kids are NOT free. They can come but we don’t want them here. Unless they can’t walk. Then the staff will hold them while you drink. We like dogs but they don’t know how to read the rules and the health inspector says they can’t be inside. If you have a service dog it needs to be trained and leashed. 



Tampa Heights
2612 North Tampa Street
Tampa, Florida 33602
Just North of Columbus Ave

Operating Hours

Monday - Thursday: 4 PM - 11 PM
Friday : 4 PM - Midnight
Saturday: Noon - Midnight
Sunday 11 AM - 6 PM

Kid/Pet Policies

Kids Do Not Play Free
Family-Friendly til 9 PM
Service Dogs Only

(Must be trained and leashed)

Court Costs

Walk-In Play: $10 per person/hour
$40/hr full court (up to 6 people)

Reservation Fee:
$60/hr full court (up to 6 people)

League Nights

Tue & Wed • Courts Full 7 PM - Close
Currently Accepting League Signups

Happier Hours

4 PM - 7 PM • Tuesday - Friday
$5 Court Play • $5 Wine • $1 Off Drafts


Our outdoor area features picnic tables and only a moderate amount of trash and debris. Pets are allowed out there. No Bengal tigers, anacondas, or labradoodles.


House Rules

How do you play shuffleboard? We're no experts, but here's what we can tell you.


How to Play

First Team to Seventy-Five Wins

Discs must be shot from your side of the kitchen. The goal is to score clean...

Sevens, Eights, & Tens

Any biscuits touching lines don't count. Each disc in the kitchen is minus ten points.

Knocking out your opponent is encouraged

White Plays First. Teams alternate plays. Scores are counted after all discs have been played. 



Origin Story

Why did two women with children start a shuffleboard hangout in a historic Tampa, Florida neighborhood?


They have nothing else to live for.


The one with the money. She owns half of Tampa.


The one with the sunny disposition. Not known for snark.