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Bar Snacks

Hand Held (More or Less)


8” pie on house made dough.


Wu-Tang & Biscuits

Sunday Brunch

In the game of Shuffleboard, the cue is called a Tang and the disc is called a Biscuit. So, obviously, we serve Tang Mimosas and Biscuits and Gravy while the DJ spins Wu-Tang. Wu-Tang Clan is a super rap group from the 1990s. Tang, first developed in 1957, is a drink you may remember from your childhood. It’s fortified with vitamins and you can go to outer space with it.

First Sundays Only




We probably have dessert today.

The chef makes whatever she wants and it changes a lot. Her name is Jen and she went to a culinary institute and she likes desserts.

Prices and selection are subject to change. Substitutions, additions and subtractions may be allowed depending on mood.